Monday, February 28, 2011


the world is a hard place to survive. falling in love, broken hearts, meltdowns, un-friending... and an entire week dedicated to sharks.

doorbell ditching 303 is my new favorite game. 
i got asian bangs. today. mmmmyeah! 
today was my last day with my first graders.
never lose your cool. this is very un-cool.
harry potter trivia games. so very cool. 
i love dinosaurs.

me and nat are so cool. you'll never believe what we did to our room. if you want to see it, ask. i'll decide if you are worthy or not. but let me tell ya. ITS AMAZING. we are such good artists. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

bad hair day...

this is me. being..... sad?
have you ever had the feeling of just overwhelming disappointment......... and probably the next person who asks "how you are- how your life is- if you're happy- or what you're doing these days" YOUR JUST GOING TO THROW UP ALL OVER THEM? maybe thats overreacting. still, i feel like doing that. then i would probably apologize, then cry to them about everything pressing down on my life.
just an unbiased someone to cry to would be nice. i wont throw up on you, promise.  i think its school. i need to know what to do... but i think its school thats bringing unnecessary stress and mad-sad feelings towards everything.

its amazing how many people decided to go to byu, impressive guys... to some people. just not me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

you're a wolf.

every now and then i offer him a lemon now-and-later. 

hey i had a pretty neat weekend. and its decided that if you want to know me, read my blog. i don't talk much, so this could work. 
bon appetit is still one of my most favorite words.
i just made a thoughts book. thanks to awesome kim.
not going to lie, work on monday completely sucked. at least no pee................ 
and i have a funny dad

am i taking the right classes? am i going to graduate? i doing ok at least? oh.. and does this drafting make my butt look fat?

i want summer pulease. and a beach. 

don't worry, something exciting will happen. like a volcano or... a wizard attack on the muggles or something. then i'll write about it. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

you know your hair?

want to know what i did today? well, here is a full day of me. well, only kinda. ready? lets roll.
i woke up, went to math. there is a guy who had a beard in my class. he sits behind me usually. its one of those- notreallyassignedseatsbutsinceweallsatinthesesameseatsthefirsttwoclasses,thatshowitsgoingtobe-things. anyways. i really enjoyed seeing this guy and his beard every day. but he recently shaved it. for valentines day. thats cool i guess. i found out his name. and told him i missed his beard. he said wait a week or so, it'll be back. then i went and took a math test. i don't think i did very well.... shh. don't tell my-... eh. i guess my parents will maybe see this. so, sorry guys. i really am trying. after my test i walked really slowly to my car, cause the weather this morning was pretty amazing. when i got home, my mum texted me and told me her and my grandma were going to stop by, i had 15 minutes.  so i cleaned my room. it was pretty impressive, i'm lucky they stop by every now and then so my room actually gets cleaned. and i got cookies. then i went to work, i drove withthe windows down, loved it. and work was pretty good. i love working with felisa. we watched vampires suck the other night it was so funnnny. and lauren came in and told us all about her love life. i love that. she is so funny when she tells stories. after work i got an awesome poem. then i got hamburgers. a&w hamburgers are impressive. then i went to the post office, and the stamp machine wasn't working! this nice asian couple gave me a stamp. i was so happy i ran into them, they made my night. then i went home. i watched lost, natalie dyed my hair blue, while blasting the beach boys. then i studied for another test.. then drank some tea. it was great. i think its cause of the weather. too bad its just going to get worse.

just kidding. its darrrk brown.

limca bottles make great flower vases.

peace out fools

Sunday, February 13, 2011

road trip?

so i went on a road trip with mean. to logan utah. to see trevor. turned out pretty perfect and freaking awesome. thats the gist of it. but do you wanna know the highlights?!?
im sure you do. 

trevor. chocolate covered pretzels. awesome campus. museums and libraries. long walks. wonderful weather. village inn. pie. pretty sweet house. funny grandpa. playing music. new new friends. game day. cleaning the sink. mardi gras. dancing the night away. poker. throwing up. o brother where art thou. church. secret notes. new cd. driving home. flamin' hot cheetos. singing at the top of our lungs. BABY BABY BAAAABY!! 

oh yeah annnd..... 
VanWhat? nice meeting you. see you soon?

why do people own ugly dogs? why is there one in my apartment? 
screw it. 
well back to reality. yay. 
(if you couldn't tell, that "yay" was piled with sarcasm)
why did i come back?
come spring. please.

Friday, February 4, 2011

too innocent? yeah.

don't get mad at me because we don't have a freaking bathroom you can use. we are in a clothing store people, use the bathroom at home. or at that place you just had lunch, i mean, comeon.

i'm a lost addict. i'll admit it. i spend all of my free time watching these freaking intense episodes, and i think i'm going die. i sit on my bed, and hyperventilate because i can't even believe its happening.

my sister and her boyfriend fight dinosaurs together. nice right? and i'm taking a road trip soon.

yeah i think garlic bread would have to be my favorite all-time food. i could eat it for every meal. or just constantly, without stopping.