Wednesday, February 27, 2013

new things here!

So I have been re-vamping my blog all week! This is just the start. I have made tabs, an about me section- THAT TOOK FOREVER getting all the pictures together...... and its not even all the way done! a welcome picture, also, a tab that takes you to my lovely pinterest page of CATS! Yay! I also made a new title header.

Let me know what you think peeps!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

8:30pm hammer time

I have always liked to buy shelves. I know that is a weird thing to collect... I mean, I didn't even hang them all up at once. I usually had 2 or 3 laying around for a "maybesomedayproject". 


 Yesterday, Brad and I painted my collected shelves ALL AFTERNOON. We watched WALL-E and The Incredibles. In all, I would say it was a very great day. After we painted them, our best friends the Knights came over and we spent the night deciding where to hang all the shelves. It was def a group effort. I am way glad they came over, or might have made way to many holes in the wall trying and re-trying. Luckily, I am so happy with the first try! ( ok, we did have to move the mirror once. but that was it! ) I am way happy with how the colors turned out, and the way they all magically fit on ONE WALL. Cool cool.

We also listened to the boys play the guitars, played with baby Emmett- the cutest baby out there, ate delicious Oreo pie  and watched The Count of Monte Cirsto. Which is a really great movie, I would highly recommend it. SATURDAY SUCCESS. CHECK.

We painted all day!!
I took this picture this morning. Better lighting than 8:30 at night.

I gave him a kiss for being the best helper.

I have the greatest husband. He hammered nails into the wall till 9:00 at night. FOR ME!

ps. A special sorry to Megan and Trevor Carter, our lovely neighbors who never complain about us. And to the brothers downstairs, a smaller sorry because we don't really know you that well.


Thursday, February 21, 2013



 I made those circles! 

Cute right? We went to Wal-mart one night, and we went over to the paint section, and we took A WHOLE BUNCH of those FREE paint chips. That is when I realized I could never really rob a bank like I thought I could. I felt guilty for stealing free things that everyone else on pinterest is stealing too- bytheway.

But, I am pretty happy with my circles. Plus also, Its looks like spring a little. SPRING.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

love month

In honor of February, the month of love, I thought I'd post my wedding video. Borhter-in-law Mitch made this, and our best friends Devon and Brooke Knight are singing in the back ground at our luncheon! It really was the most perrrrfect wedding day ever. And I can owe that to my amazing mother. without her, I think it would have been more of a disaster.

I really think the ONLY mishap I knew about was the end of the night when I got giddy and nervous and tired and done, all at the same time, which made me drop my plate of grapes. That part isn't in the video...


We got to go away for a romantic dayaftervalentinesday weekend!! Well, maybe it wasn't THAT romantic.. We actually went to Bear Lake with our families. Pullmans+Hawkins^2+Swensons= HappyRomanticSoothing break from life.  I look forward to that trip all year. Because yes, that is one of the more annual trips of the year. We eat good food, all day and all night. We play games all day and all night, this time my dad brought a projector and we watched movies for days up there on the wall movie theater style! There are some Beaver Mountain Skiers and snowboarders, and others who go jogging or snowshoeing! Plus we did TONS AND TONS  of yoga. So much, that I am still sore from morning one.


We went SNOWSHOEING!! IT was awesome.

Jess Brad and Me ON TOP OF THE TREE LINE!!!!!

Snowshoeing down a mountain.


This is to show how many votes we took on what movies to watch. Very indecisive group.


In all, it was a good weekend. Best.

New Current Goals:
Blog more. (always...)
Picture more.
Read more.

Maybe I should hire a historian for my life. Take ma picture please!

Have a good wednesday!


Thursday, February 7, 2013






Do I look like a girl whose husband just got a new job?? CAUSE I AM. Brad got a new job and I am so so so so so proud of him. He totally deserves this. He starts Monday. YAY. We also ordered a new messenger bag for him, and his new job. Because everyone deserves a new a new bag with a new job.

 BEYONCE WAS GREAT. The game was fine, but Beyonce. The food was awesome, and Beyonce was great. Killed it.