Monday, April 29, 2013

Yaki Soba

Tonight, dinner was Panda Express Chow Mien BUT except that I made it!  And, it tasted amazing! I am really excited about it. It is for sure a good one to do again. Plus, it was SUPER easy! I made a recipe card, so everyone can enjoy this lovely awesome dinner.

happy week of summer time!

 Today was filled with good things. Plus more F•R•I•E•N•D•S which is way good. This couch is so cute. SO CUTE. We got it from Grandma Dursteler. It has farms on it. And cute farm animals. It had been painted black.... so I painted it white!! SO WHITE AND CLEAN AND HAPPI AND PAINTED.

Looks good huh!

 BTW....... Brad bought me those flowers, cause he loves mee <3 best husband eva!

Friday, April 19, 2013

So happy this semester is DONE

You know what is great?? The end of the semester. Every one is just glad that it is done. You actually talk to the other people in the class, at least in my classes, we all became good friends by the end of the semester. I will actually miss some of those classes and people.

My second semester of college I took a mass media class. I was still in the fresh out of high school age, where I didn't really think going to class was all that important. BUT IT IS. EVERYBODY. GO TO CLASS. Pass college. Go to class. Anyways. I was in this class and I didn't go, and I failed. Bad. So I had to retake it. The whole class. At the beginning of this semester, I told my whole family that I was going to redeem myself. In this class, you wrote a blog, and at the end of the class everyone votes. If your blog wins, you and the four other group members get an A in the whole class no matter what. I decided early on that I would earn an A and win an A. And dammit I did. I DID. I got an A in the class AND EVERYONE VOTED ON MY BLOG!!!! I won. It was so cool. I was hoping I would win, but I didn't really think I would. Except that I did.

Best part of the semester by far.
One more final to go.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Today I Was Awesome

Today I gave this great speech in my 7 habits class, and I am so proud of it and how well I did, I decided that I would blog it. Enjoy!

Sometimes, well most times, I choose to spend my energy on accomplishing things like: 
 T.V. series
 or naps
Instead of actual real life problems like: 
 marriage stuff
 doctor appointments
 crucial conversations
 or the dishes…
Its just that if anything has even the minor chance of hurting me- physically or emotionally, or making me uncomfortable in anyway,  
I DON’T DO IT. I will put it off at any risk.
It made me realized I would be a horrible spy. They have to be able to withstand anything to protect their secrets. Plus, I can’t touch my toes. We can just cross SPY off my career list all-together.
I really love a lot of things in life. I love feelings, thoughts, new ideas, Brad… cats… the weather… well I made a list of some of the things I love in life. 

In Steven Coveys book, Seven Habits for Highly Effective People, Habit #3: is to 
Put First Things First
The Habit of Integrity and Execution
Integrity and Execution are two interesting words to put together
Other words for Execution are
Capitol Punishment

Other words for Integrity

I put these different words in a few combinations

Honest Completion
Finish with honor
Carry out the Truth
Relying on Capitol Punishment 
(no one in my class laughed my Relying on Capitol Punishment joke. I even said it in the most cynical voice I could muster.... no laugh)

What these words, execution and integrity have together, is BALANCE.
Just like life,
You need balance.

I know this may be a weird way of interpreting habit 3, but my brain is muddled with finals week. Just roll with it.

I am not good at balancing my life yet, but I’d like to think I’ll only get better. Not worse.
I’ve set 4 daily goals to help me with habit 3
1.   Make a list.
2.   Be productive
3.   Find the little things
4.   End happy every day.

Make a List

I love making lists. I make lists all day. I even make lists for things I need to make lists for. Pretty much this whole presentation is just a bunch of lists. The only thing that tops making a list, is crossing things off said list. By making lists I can get the important things done in my day, and get happier every time I cross something off the list.

Be Productive

I want to do something productive EVERY DAY. Not just anything one thing that is productive, like make the bed, but something that I love and will make me a happier, and better person.

Find the Little Things

I don’t need to create the little things, I need to notice the little things more, and appreciate them more. Its easy to go through your day and not notice the little things that could have made you smile.

For me, lately if I go to work and school I have been productive for the day and I am DONE. but really, I shouldn’t stop there. I should probably make the bed ( cause who has time for that in the morning, lets be honest. ) and get some dinner started and do my homework and love my husband. 
And those are still the big things! 
I haven’t even started unwinding for the day yet, and doing the things I want to for the day. I know that for me it is important that I focus on the little things created between and during the big parts of life. I need those small moments to keep going. On the other hand, I need to get better at ignoring those small annoying things that tend to tick me off for the rest of the day. 

End Happy Every Day

If you end happy, you will start happy tomorrow.
My favorite part of the day is to lay in bed and tell Brad all my things for the day. Big and little. And I love to hear his! Even though I’ve known him for years, I am always learning new things about him during our happy-end-of-the-day-report. 


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

Daily Deer

Today was a long day. I fell asleep at work..... that bad.  When I got home, I did some cleaning, and read some of my new book. Really excited about my new book, I am reading Gone With the Wind. So far, so good. After I finish, me and Brad are going to watch the movie. It is a pretty long book...
 don't hold your breath.

We re-arranged our bedroom! I love it. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

Today I made the bed, and read my book. Forget homework...... who needs it.

This is my newest prettiest chimes! So pretty right? I can stare for hours.

Sunday, April 14, 2013



I'm trying this. I have this really cute, tiny, happi deer. I want to add this happi little deer to my blogging life. We will see if it works out. hopefully it does. Tonight we did some good mapleton times and it was Max's birthday, so we had this AMAZING dinner my mom made. We came back and did some unwinding by watching F•R•I•E•N•D•S. SO HAPPI TONIGHT.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sister Time

I got this new camera for my birthday, and yesterday me and sister went and took some pictures for HER BIRTHDAY. She is 18!!!!!!!! WHAT. I cannot believe she is that old. and getting ready to move out. and go to collage. and be old. soweird.  Here are some of the beautiful pictures we took together. Have a great and lazy weekend! I know I will.

whip that hair!

18 YO. Don't mess around.