Monday, January 31, 2011

miss pullman

on mondays im miss pullman, at mapleton elementary school in mrs. abbotts first grade class. i get to spend 4 hours a week with 26 very funny children, and i love it. i feel like a giant in the first grade hall, you should see it. desks, chairs, drinking fountains, and children all never taller than my knee. (okay, the kids are a bit taller than that but still.) first fifteen minutes in the class room and this little boy runs up to me and starts telling me how he lost both his front teeth in december and that it was "so pretty crazy" we played sorting games, and sang songs and chanted about january. i have a good feeling about this. 

hey this is my best friend. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011


i lost my mojo. i don't know what to do. i need it back please. that would be so great. 

i want the new Sara Bareilles album, pretty bad. also i'm pretty sure i aced my drafting test today. i hope i can do as good tomorrow on my science test. hope. i've been studying for hours. actually studying. be proud. 
lights-the listening. its a good song. 

can i let the trees do the talking and the ground do the walking...

ps if you find some extra mojo laying around i would loooove to borrow it. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

anakin skywalker...

hayden christensen also known as anaken skywalker. i'm in love with him. especially in jedi mode. but also in the takers. he is a bank robber. it would work out for us i bet. speaking of bank robbing, i have watched so many movies lately about robberies, i could probably perfectly execute one. an get away with it.

this picture i have been obsessing over for a few days now. just look how freakin cute it is! this is my friend kelly and i. when we were little, my parents rented a house from their family and we would play all the time. adorable right? right.

im so excited for summer. 
and spring. 
but the other way around.
buut it started snowing today. 
what the cuss.

by the way, no math tomorrow. that means no school for mee!

annd out.

Friday, January 21, 2011


once i went to india, and i found my soulmate. ChaiDee Lane Woods. i freaking love her! today, January 21 is her birthday. i just wanted to just let everyone know, she is amazing and deserves the best day ever. she is my hero. i hope this brings her good luck. 

Happy Birthday ChaiDee!

soulmates. its amazing what happens in india

Thursday, January 20, 2011

thanks to the good people in the world.

yoga is my newest hobby. i have a class every tuesday and thursday, and it  makes me feel ammmmazing. im getting closer to my toes, and i feel so good. i go in, leave everything on my mind out side, and just think about how amazing i feel. afterwords, i can just start my mind over for two days. what a great arrangement.

ever since i moved out i've play my guitar so much more. im getting better to, at remembering words and cords and playing smoothly, its pretty cool.

you know whats weird? marriage. i don't know how i feel about it. im so excited and jealous of couples, and of the ones who get married and are just so happy... but i know that if i got married right now, it would be a disaster and i would probably die very young. i don't even know who i am. for those of you who do- congratulations people, work-good.

i am SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR SPRING, SUMMER, SUN, AND EVERYTHING THAT COMES WITH IT. i sit in my bed and daydream about sunny beautiful days. i might stay moved out over the summer. its cheap, and summer would be a great time to be here. and when it gets warmer, i want to bring my bike and ride it to school. maybe even work. that would totally rock.

i have boy neighbors. cool right? right.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

he's probably amish.

give me a life.

there is this kid in my physical science class and i am 13% sure he is amish. you should see his hair and his beard.

today at work i had to do a count out for the change, annnd i was soo slow. i kept mis-counting everything. HOW EMBARRASSING. im in college. i should be able to count some change right? right. okay yeah. goodluck.

this week i was told i am intimidating. twice. is that true? am i really that intimidating that it should come up twice in one week? i dont even talk enough to be intimidating. really.

you know what is weird? not seeing someone for two years. a lot can happen in two years. but a lot could not happen in two years. im not sure how i feel about the two years thing.

oh yeah, this is what is missing in my life.

his name is vishwash. and i love him. he is one of the best things that ever ran in then out of my life. you know, its amazing how fast someone can come in then out of your world. recently, thats happened way too often for comfort.


Friday, January 7, 2011

imma school girl.

kidding. i am NOT a school girl. i don't like it. but regardless i have now made it to all of my new classes. want to know my first impressions? k if not, stop reading... now. but here it goes anyways:
#1 math 1000. for starters, this is my second time taking this class... the teacher this time around is wayy less intimidating, thats for sure. which is good- but at the same time less entertaining. 9 o clock in the morning every single day is the tough part. but, i really think i can pass it this time.
#2 intro to education. well i got there, and this teacher is some perky lady with fake boobs. but pretty funny. and she loves what she is doing. i was sitting there thinking about how fun its going to be, when all the sudden i look over and guess who is staring at me. it was love at first sight. i got super excited and couldnt look away..... it was my dear friend Nichole Barton! we both started laughing. in our heads of course. but it was a great connection. it made my day. i got super excited.
#3 physical science. sucks. i fell asleep. and you know the kind of sleep were you go out like a light so hard and so fast, you know if you could actually lay your head somewhere you just know you will never wake up? it always hits at just the worst times. there was this real annoying girl in the front row who laughed at everything. such. an. annoying. laugh.
#4 drafting. mechanical drafting. the best part was the elevator ride. i get to ride a glass elevator the the 7th floor to get to my drafting class. its so so fun. but the class its self really wasn't bad. i mean, i didn't fall asleep, i automatically look way cool cause i'm a girl in drafting.
#5 dont worry, this is my last one. YOGA. i am most excited for this class. i seriously cannot wait. the instructor is really nice, its going to get me to be able to touch my toes!! annnnd i know i will pass.

it was a really long day. from 9 in the morning to 7 at night. but i did things in between classes to keep me busy, like push this girl in a wheel chair to one of her classes, count all the people i passed who were wearing glasses, ate pizza, read my book, and took a small nap in the library.

i miss my sister and stuff.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

yeah so,

last year i: graduated high school, finished my first semester of college, and moved out. okay thats not all i did, but those are the highlights.

this year i have already: done a harry potter puzzle, slept in till noon, bought two shirts, got a kiss, broke a pot, made a new bucket list, hung out with my four best friends, drank hot chocolate, ate some pie, took a shower, gave a gift, finished a book, learned a new song on the guitar, stubbed my toe, met two new people, and cleaned the kitchen. oh. and wrote a blog post. and its only january 2nd. i'm on a roll.

moved. its true, i moved out. and its its its..... weird. but i like it. my roommate: obsessed with the Beatles, plays guitar, burns incense, can quote spongebob, works as a pirate at night, has been to india- and loved it! and has the hair i've always dreamed of. in short, we are getting along really really well. its a relief. everything is going so well, i love it, and if i ever tell anyone otherwise i'll deny it till i die.