Friday, January 7, 2011

imma school girl.

kidding. i am NOT a school girl. i don't like it. but regardless i have now made it to all of my new classes. want to know my first impressions? k if not, stop reading... now. but here it goes anyways:
#1 math 1000. for starters, this is my second time taking this class... the teacher this time around is wayy less intimidating, thats for sure. which is good- but at the same time less entertaining. 9 o clock in the morning every single day is the tough part. but, i really think i can pass it this time.
#2 intro to education. well i got there, and this teacher is some perky lady with fake boobs. but pretty funny. and she loves what she is doing. i was sitting there thinking about how fun its going to be, when all the sudden i look over and guess who is staring at me. it was love at first sight. i got super excited and couldnt look away..... it was my dear friend Nichole Barton! we both started laughing. in our heads of course. but it was a great connection. it made my day. i got super excited.
#3 physical science. sucks. i fell asleep. and you know the kind of sleep were you go out like a light so hard and so fast, you know if you could actually lay your head somewhere you just know you will never wake up? it always hits at just the worst times. there was this real annoying girl in the front row who laughed at everything. such. an. annoying. laugh.
#4 drafting. mechanical drafting. the best part was the elevator ride. i get to ride a glass elevator the the 7th floor to get to my drafting class. its so so fun. but the class its self really wasn't bad. i mean, i didn't fall asleep, i automatically look way cool cause i'm a girl in drafting.
#5 dont worry, this is my last one. YOGA. i am most excited for this class. i seriously cannot wait. the instructor is really nice, its going to get me to be able to touch my toes!! annnnd i know i will pass.

it was a really long day. from 9 in the morning to 7 at night. but i did things in between classes to keep me busy, like push this girl in a wheel chair to one of her classes, count all the people i passed who were wearing glasses, ate pizza, read my book, and took a small nap in the library.

i miss my sister and stuff.


  1. um, i am so happy we will be in yoga together! i want to hang out with you at school. you are such a fun girl to be around elizaaaaa!
    p.s you and your sister are like twins or something..

  2. Alexander van OeneJanuary 7, 2011 at 11:31 AM

    Eliza Jane, do what you do. When you come back up I will have a record that is clear. yes, not black but see through! I can't wait to show you, and yes, it is very cool that you are in drafting. Also, you can do math. If you need help send me a text mail or somesort of communication.