Tuesday, December 21, 2010

maybe i prayed to hard....

 i wished for a winter wonder land. thisissoperfect. i really usually don't like so much snow all the time, i hate driving in it, and i don't usually play in it. buut... this year. was totally different. i was craving snow. i was so ready for the morning i had to wake up and dig a tunnel out of my house. so ready. well, i finally got it. snow day. and it had to be the year i am out of school, nice. me and my sister decided god heard my prayers and decided to give us some snow, well he probably fell asleep or something and left the 'lightly snow' switch on, cause THIS is so much more than anyone hoped for.

also, i made a snowman. in my front yard, with gregory. no work in the morning+ no school in the morning+ mapleton+ snow snow SNOW= best. snowman. ever. it was really fun. great way to spend my snowy morning of no school. hooray for no school! 

i am very proud of it. everyone thinks its my little brother max's, snowman though.. except the people who saw us building him in my front yard. they know the truth- i have no idea what to do with my mornings. except to build snowmen. 

yeah, well he died today. when more snow came. its like cloudy with a chance of meatballs. SNOWOVERLOAD. thats okay though, i'm totally fine with it. 

drive safe

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here we go again.

I did it again, I replaced friends with food. Nachos this time. It's beginning to be a more common occurrence. Did you hear I'm practically engaged? We aren't totally positive yet... still waiting for the  test results. Lie. funny, but a lie. I like my new job, its really fun. not a lie. I think it will be even better once I move and I don't need to drive as far to get there. My friend came home from Logan, then got his wisdom teeth out. I went and visited him last night, he acted pretty normal the whole time... too bad, I think he would be funny on drugs. Christmas is in a week, can you even believe it? I can't. Its a great time of the year, and its not even feeling like it. Dinner Party tonight though, thats funn, I'm pretty excited! Oh and the 26th, YMAD party. I'm pretty psyched out of mind.

Do you know who this is?

                                                                                              Yes, thats Ramona Flowers.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

dreaming of a white christmas

If you could read my mind, here is what it would sound like maybe.
There is something about men in glasses that just..... I can't resist. I absolutely Love men in glasses. and long hair. and sweater vests. or red hair. like fred and george, which by the way, I swear I sat by fred on the shuttle just yesterday... hhot. Taylor Swift is so amazing. I love listening to her. Love. even her Christmas songs. speaking of Christmas, its a week away. its practically here.... ANND THERE IS STILL NOT ENOUGH SNOW. ITS MELTING ALREADY.  :(  I hate it.  I made a chain of paper cranes the other day. its cool, I like looking at it. I'm moving, maybe I'll get my keys today....! My job is going awesome. I love it. its so fun, and the girls are so great. so is my boss, he is waay funny. (cute... way cute. and not gay.) Remember my room? Well its different already. We sold both of our beds, and bought one big one for when I'm gone then home then gone... you know. off and on. Finals... uh. I hate hearing about them, thinking about them, actually doing them, failing them, telling my parents about them..... hate hate hate loathe entirely. I just watched the grinch, its a good one, but Scott Pilgrim vs the World is my favorite movie ever. Brad just got home from his mission two days ago.... HOW FREAKING EXCITING! we are finally have a dinner party with the three greatest families of all time in celebration. im happy :)

now if you turned my mind upside-down it would probably sound like a rainstick

Sunday, December 12, 2010

bye bye bed.

My Childhood just walked out the door. I had that bed for yearrs. and the mattress, I had since I was 3 years old guys. and now This is what I am sleeping on now. I'm sleeping on my brothers old mattress on the floor. Don't worry, its for a good cause. I'm working on selling me and Amelia's twin beds and getting her a new bed. cause Im moving. OH. DID I MENTION I'M FINALLY MOVING? ITS TRUE GUYS. Its all working out. now.... I just need to pass my finals next week, which really what I should be doing is studying for them... math on monday. I really don't know how this will turn out. I am doing so badly. what if I fail and... ah... my parents... ohmanohmanOHMAN.

PRAY FOR ME. I think I need it. Thanks guys.
Wish me luck

peace out.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I was sitting on the shuttle bus riding to my car. Next to me sat this Samoan man, guy, boy, chico, I'm not sure what to call him, boy- sounds to young, man- just doesn't fit. anyways, he was sitting by me and I had the biggest urge to hug him. He looked so nice, and friendly, just like a big samoan teddy bear. Sometimes I describe people like that but really, this is the first I've actually wanted to give him a big hug and never let go because of it. I had a feeling he wouldn't have minded. But I still didn't. I just stared at him instead.
So I started my new job today, there is so much to remember. howamieverygoingtomasterthis. scary. better than the call center though. like by far.  My little sister started a blog. I'm proud of her. plus my friend Mego started one too. this is getting fun!  today My friend Kim said something wayy funny today. we were talking about animals, and she said she wanted a hedgehog. Don't ask me what they are, I don't think I have ever heard someone real say that word. (except maybe my old boss- he hired a baker who didn't know how to speak english, so he made it his own personal calling in life to teach him. he started with animals like penguins, anteaters, and flamingos. Weird I know. but I think hedgehog may have been another one of those obscure animals he taught the baker.) but Kim wants a hedgehog, and she would name is Regi. She wants one because they are half nocturnal so Regi would be awake in the evenings when she is home from school! I laughed. 

then I realized, thats such a great idea. That would be such a great friend. 

oh, and my sister can raise one eyebrow. I'm so jealous.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Jason Mraz

"Im building a new world for myself and putting new hats on everybody one by one... before I go out I'm gonna have people in tutus, and cops wearing sombreros, bankers with viking hats and priests with panties on their heads. In the world I'm building, everyone shouts hello from their car windows and people have speakers attached to their chests that pour out music so you can tell from a distance what kind of mood they are in, and they wont be too chicken to get naked when the rain comes. "

I love Jason Mraz! I think I would marry him. It's true.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dear Mr. A-hole.
Thanks for the scam.I would like to let you know, you basically ruined my week, thanks. Don't worry though, someone will get the beds. You weren't worthy of them anyways. But thanks  for the waste of time. 
I hope you have a rotten Christmas.