Thursday, December 16, 2010

dreaming of a white christmas

If you could read my mind, here is what it would sound like maybe.
There is something about men in glasses that just..... I can't resist. I absolutely Love men in glasses. and long hair. and sweater vests. or red hair. like fred and george, which by the way, I swear I sat by fred on the shuttle just yesterday... hhot. Taylor Swift is so amazing. I love listening to her. Love. even her Christmas songs. speaking of Christmas, its a week away. its practically here.... ANND THERE IS STILL NOT ENOUGH SNOW. ITS MELTING ALREADY.  :(  I hate it.  I made a chain of paper cranes the other day. its cool, I like looking at it. I'm moving, maybe I'll get my keys today....! My job is going awesome. I love it. its so fun, and the girls are so great. so is my boss, he is waay funny. (cute... way cute. and not gay.) Remember my room? Well its different already. We sold both of our beds, and bought one big one for when I'm gone then home then gone... you know. off and on. Finals... uh. I hate hearing about them, thinking about them, actually doing them, failing them, telling my parents about them..... hate hate hate loathe entirely. I just watched the grinch, its a good one, but Scott Pilgrim vs the World is my favorite movie ever. Brad just got home from his mission two days ago.... HOW FREAKING EXCITING! we are finally have a dinner party with the three greatest families of all time in celebration. im happy :)

now if you turned my mind upside-down it would probably sound like a rainstick

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