Thursday, January 31, 2013

as far as I know

As far as I know I claimed my blog on BlogLovin, and connected to facebook...... I guess we will have to see how that works out.

now as for tonight, I am done with a long stretch of homeworks, I am going to watch firefly with my hubs.


I am trying a new things

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

 I found this blogging site called BlogLovin, I am trying to claim my blog on it..... Lets see if it works!


ALSO, I found these cute cats on unicycles!

Mass Comm

I am in a new class this semester called Mass Communication. The Professor is great, and it is my favorite class thus far! We are focusing on being the media for a semester. We are doing that by blogging. Between my Professors excitement, a book called Blog Inc, and Rylee Greenings Blog, I decided that I can totally do this. I want to jump into blogging head first and get messy. Except blogging isnt that messy.

I felt like this cat about 2 weeks ago.

This week I feel a little more like this cat.

If you want to see an awesome amazing blogging woman, go here to Rylee Greenings blog. She is the TA in my class, and I got tons of tutorials and blogging ideas from her as well as a great blogging book inspiration!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


I am in school again, I have 4 classes this time around. Now, to jump back just a little, but I PASSES MY STATS CLASS. And that is the very last math class I will ever have to take! WHAT. I am just so happy. Now back to real time, I am in 4 classes and one of them is online. I am going to ace them all. No more math = no more failing. It finally clicked. Sorry it took so long, dad.

Speaking of acing classes, I had a one page paper due on what I wanted to get out of my new 7 Habits for Highly Effective People... class.

Things you should know for this story:
  1. I have classes only on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
  2. I really do pay attention
  3. Spelling has never been my forte ( I looked that one up. Forte)

So my professor gave us the assignment on a Tuesday and said it would be due Tuesday next week.  Although I really could have sworn he said that Thursday. So I had mine done on Thursday but had to wait to turn it in till the next week. The next week rolls around and I pulled out my paper that I hadent looked at since I wrote it a week ago, and the first thing my eye go to is this sentence;

My dad is really into all things outside; running, biking, rock climbing, and hiking.. exc.

Because I wrote it, I automatically see what is wrong here. DOT DOT EXC. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT YOU SAY? exc is supposed to be etc for etcetera. I don't even know where the 2 dots came from. Only 2. I don't even know why I was using the word in the first place. When I saw it I knew it was wrong but I couldn't remember how to spell etc! So I crossed out with my pen the C on the end of exc and kept the 2 dots. I am not sure what my professor will think of me now... but I had to pass it in. I had a week to fix that mistake. I feel ridiculus. ..ex.

My lovely Aunt is dying my hair tomorrow. Maybe I'll post a picture. >> #lovelyandexcited

sadly I was spelling etc --> ect for half of this post. I just fixed it.  I'm not too worried.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oh Honey............

This is a really great blog, There is a guy, who has 2 of the stupidest girls living above him. Apparently they have really bad flooring because he hears the stupid things they say and writes them in this blog. I highly recommend reading this if you are having a stupid feeling day. It will change your mind with the first 2 posts.

Brad took me on a date to Chili's tonight! And also to get some shampoo! Nice.

For Sister

I made this awesome header for my sister's blog. It is called Fox Hollow and she is such a great writer I would recommend it to anyone. And she said that she would blog more. If you Click on the picture its self, it will take you right to her blog.