Tuesday, December 21, 2010

maybe i prayed to hard....

 i wished for a winter wonder land. thisissoperfect. i really usually don't like so much snow all the time, i hate driving in it, and i don't usually play in it. buut... this year. was totally different. i was craving snow. i was so ready for the morning i had to wake up and dig a tunnel out of my house. so ready. well, i finally got it. snow day. and it had to be the year i am out of school, nice. me and my sister decided god heard my prayers and decided to give us some snow, well he probably fell asleep or something and left the 'lightly snow' switch on, cause THIS is so much more than anyone hoped for.

also, i made a snowman. in my front yard, with gregory. no work in the morning+ no school in the morning+ mapleton+ snow snow SNOW= best. snowman. ever. it was really fun. great way to spend my snowy morning of no school. hooray for no school! 

i am very proud of it. everyone thinks its my little brother max's, snowman though.. except the people who saw us building him in my front yard. they know the truth- i have no idea what to do with my mornings. except to build snowmen. 

yeah, well he died today. when more snow came. its like cloudy with a chance of meatballs. SNOWOVERLOAD. thats okay though, i'm totally fine with it. 

drive safe

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  1. i love your snowman, he is so sexy. can i date him? it would follow the sarah benson tradition of dating the boys on 440 west!