Sunday, January 2, 2011

yeah so,

last year i: graduated high school, finished my first semester of college, and moved out. okay thats not all i did, but those are the highlights.

this year i have already: done a harry potter puzzle, slept in till noon, bought two shirts, got a kiss, broke a pot, made a new bucket list, hung out with my four best friends, drank hot chocolate, ate some pie, took a shower, gave a gift, finished a book, learned a new song on the guitar, stubbed my toe, met two new people, and cleaned the kitchen. oh. and wrote a blog post. and its only january 2nd. i'm on a roll.

moved. its true, i moved out. and its its its..... weird. but i like it. my roommate: obsessed with the Beatles, plays guitar, burns incense, can quote spongebob, works as a pirate at night, has been to india- and loved it! and has the hair i've always dreamed of. in short, we are getting along really really well. its a relief. everything is going so well, i love it, and if i ever tell anyone otherwise i'll deny it till i die.

1 comment :

  1. i am so happy for you liza pooh! your roommate sounds like she was made for you!
    the only thing i want to know is who was your kiss this year?? :)