Saturday, January 15, 2011

he's probably amish.

give me a life.

there is this kid in my physical science class and i am 13% sure he is amish. you should see his hair and his beard.

today at work i had to do a count out for the change, annnd i was soo slow. i kept mis-counting everything. HOW EMBARRASSING. im in college. i should be able to count some change right? right. okay yeah. goodluck.

this week i was told i am intimidating. twice. is that true? am i really that intimidating that it should come up twice in one week? i dont even talk enough to be intimidating. really.

you know what is weird? not seeing someone for two years. a lot can happen in two years. but a lot could not happen in two years. im not sure how i feel about the two years thing.

oh yeah, this is what is missing in my life.

his name is vishwash. and i love him. he is one of the best things that ever ran in then out of my life. you know, its amazing how fast someone can come in then out of your world. recently, thats happened way too often for comfort.



  1. eliza. you'd be surprised as to how many times i've miss-counted the change/money in the drawers. and how i can't button buttons. and trip over things. no worries, lady friend.

    you just need to work with me more often, and then you'll feel less stupid. i promise. :]]]]

    ps. i love this mustardy yellow-greenish color.

  2. Hey didn't you get your car towed too??? ;]

  3. elia,
    first off, i was laughing so hard in the library, trying to be quiet and not look insane when i read the part about the Amish guy. hahah. aw, i love you.
    second off, i know how it feels to lose someone suddenly out of your world. its so odd, and it hard to cope it. i'm sorry that you are going through the same experience.
    third off, i love the way you write. you are INTIMIDATING with your writing girl. :)

    fourth off, see you in yoga!