Thursday, January 20, 2011

thanks to the good people in the world.

yoga is my newest hobby. i have a class every tuesday and thursday, and it  makes me feel ammmmazing. im getting closer to my toes, and i feel so good. i go in, leave everything on my mind out side, and just think about how amazing i feel. afterwords, i can just start my mind over for two days. what a great arrangement.

ever since i moved out i've play my guitar so much more. im getting better to, at remembering words and cords and playing smoothly, its pretty cool.

you know whats weird? marriage. i don't know how i feel about it. im so excited and jealous of couples, and of the ones who get married and are just so happy... but i know that if i got married right now, it would be a disaster and i would probably die very young. i don't even know who i am. for those of you who do- congratulations people, work-good.

i am SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR SPRING, SUMMER, SUN, AND EVERYTHING THAT COMES WITH IT. i sit in my bed and daydream about sunny beautiful days. i might stay moved out over the summer. its cheap, and summer would be a great time to be here. and when it gets warmer, i want to bring my bike and ride it to school. maybe even work. that would totally rock.

i have boy neighbors. cool right? right.

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