Monday, January 31, 2011

miss pullman

on mondays im miss pullman, at mapleton elementary school in mrs. abbotts first grade class. i get to spend 4 hours a week with 26 very funny children, and i love it. i feel like a giant in the first grade hall, you should see it. desks, chairs, drinking fountains, and children all never taller than my knee. (okay, the kids are a bit taller than that but still.) first fifteen minutes in the class room and this little boy runs up to me and starts telling me how he lost both his front teeth in december and that it was "so pretty crazy" we played sorting games, and sang songs and chanted about january. i have a good feeling about this. 

hey this is my best friend. 

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  1. Oh those kids are going to love you! First graders are the best. And you two look beautiful. I'm so excited for you! Have fun, enjoy it :)