Friday, February 4, 2011

too innocent? yeah.

don't get mad at me because we don't have a freaking bathroom you can use. we are in a clothing store people, use the bathroom at home. or at that place you just had lunch, i mean, comeon.

i'm a lost addict. i'll admit it. i spend all of my free time watching these freaking intense episodes, and i think i'm going die. i sit on my bed, and hyperventilate because i can't even believe its happening.

my sister and her boyfriend fight dinosaurs together. nice right? and i'm taking a road trip soon.

yeah i think garlic bread would have to be my favorite all-time food. i could eat it for every meal. or just constantly, without stopping.


  1. Ha! Oh Eliza I love you! I love reading your blogs, they make my day!

  2. Road trip it to rexburg! Pleeeease! And I love your blog more than megan. :)

  3. ouch! You love her blog more than me??!!