Sunday, February 13, 2011

road trip?

so i went on a road trip with mean. to logan utah. to see trevor. turned out pretty perfect and freaking awesome. thats the gist of it. but do you wanna know the highlights?!?
im sure you do. 

trevor. chocolate covered pretzels. awesome campus. museums and libraries. long walks. wonderful weather. village inn. pie. pretty sweet house. funny grandpa. playing music. new new friends. game day. cleaning the sink. mardi gras. dancing the night away. poker. throwing up. o brother where art thou. church. secret notes. new cd. driving home. flamin' hot cheetos. singing at the top of our lungs. BABY BABY BAAAABY!! 

oh yeah annnd..... 
VanWhat? nice meeting you. see you soon?

why do people own ugly dogs? why is there one in my apartment? 
screw it. 
well back to reality. yay. 
(if you couldn't tell, that "yay" was piled with sarcasm)
why did i come back?
come spring. please.


  1. I remember throwing up and holding your hair back. That was a good night :)

  2. Awesome. Road trips really are the best. So glad you had a good time.