Wednesday, February 16, 2011

you know your hair?

want to know what i did today? well, here is a full day of me. well, only kinda. ready? lets roll.
i woke up, went to math. there is a guy who had a beard in my class. he sits behind me usually. its one of those- notreallyassignedseatsbutsinceweallsatinthesesameseatsthefirsttwoclasses,thatshowitsgoingtobe-things. anyways. i really enjoyed seeing this guy and his beard every day. but he recently shaved it. for valentines day. thats cool i guess. i found out his name. and told him i missed his beard. he said wait a week or so, it'll be back. then i went and took a math test. i don't think i did very well.... shh. don't tell my-... eh. i guess my parents will maybe see this. so, sorry guys. i really am trying. after my test i walked really slowly to my car, cause the weather this morning was pretty amazing. when i got home, my mum texted me and told me her and my grandma were going to stop by, i had 15 minutes.  so i cleaned my room. it was pretty impressive, i'm lucky they stop by every now and then so my room actually gets cleaned. and i got cookies. then i went to work, i drove withthe windows down, loved it. and work was pretty good. i love working with felisa. we watched vampires suck the other night it was so funnnny. and lauren came in and told us all about her love life. i love that. she is so funny when she tells stories. after work i got an awesome poem. then i got hamburgers. a&w hamburgers are impressive. then i went to the post office, and the stamp machine wasn't working! this nice asian couple gave me a stamp. i was so happy i ran into them, they made my night. then i went home. i watched lost, natalie dyed my hair blue, while blasting the beach boys. then i studied for another test.. then drank some tea. it was great. i think its cause of the weather. too bad its just going to get worse.

just kidding. its darrrk brown.

limca bottles make great flower vases.

peace out fools

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