Tuesday, February 22, 2011

you're a wolf.

every now and then i offer him a lemon now-and-later. 

hey i had a pretty neat weekend. and its decided that if you want to know me, read my blog. i don't talk much, so this could work. 
bon appetit is still one of my most favorite words.
i just made a thoughts book. thanks to awesome kim.
not going to lie, work on monday completely sucked. at least no pee................ 
and i have a funny dad

am i taking the right classes? am i going to graduate? i doing ok at least? oh.. and does this drafting make my butt look fat?

i want summer pulease. and a beach. 

don't worry, something exciting will happen. like a volcano or... a wizard attack on the muggles or something. then i'll write about it. 

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