Thursday, February 24, 2011

bad hair day...

this is me. being..... sad?
have you ever had the feeling of just overwhelming disappointment......... and probably the next person who asks "how you are- how your life is- if you're happy- or what you're doing these days" YOUR JUST GOING TO THROW UP ALL OVER THEM? maybe thats overreacting. still, i feel like doing that. then i would probably apologize, then cry to them about everything pressing down on my life.
just an unbiased someone to cry to would be nice. i wont throw up on you, promise.  i think its school. i need to know what to do... but i think its school thats bringing unnecessary stress and mad-sad feelings towards everything.

its amazing how many people decided to go to byu, impressive guys... to some people. just not me.


  1. Why do we think so much a like???? I feel the exact same way!! I am here for ya whenever you want to talk.. or go on road trips. AND you can throw up on me long as I can throw up on you after...

  2. You can't throw up on me. I'm sorry. But you are MORE than welcome to cry on me. I love ya girl! I hope you start feeling happier! School can be stressful (i would know right?) hahaha. Love yoU!