Friday, April 19, 2013

So happy this semester is DONE

You know what is great?? The end of the semester. Every one is just glad that it is done. You actually talk to the other people in the class, at least in my classes, we all became good friends by the end of the semester. I will actually miss some of those classes and people.

My second semester of college I took a mass media class. I was still in the fresh out of high school age, where I didn't really think going to class was all that important. BUT IT IS. EVERYBODY. GO TO CLASS. Pass college. Go to class. Anyways. I was in this class and I didn't go, and I failed. Bad. So I had to retake it. The whole class. At the beginning of this semester, I told my whole family that I was going to redeem myself. In this class, you wrote a blog, and at the end of the class everyone votes. If your blog wins, you and the four other group members get an A in the whole class no matter what. I decided early on that I would earn an A and win an A. And dammit I did. I DID. I got an A in the class AND EVERYONE VOTED ON MY BLOG!!!! I won. It was so cool. I was hoping I would win, but I didn't really think I would. Except that I did.

Best part of the semester by far.
One more final to go.

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