Sunday, February 24, 2013

8:30pm hammer time

I have always liked to buy shelves. I know that is a weird thing to collect... I mean, I didn't even hang them all up at once. I usually had 2 or 3 laying around for a "maybesomedayproject". 


 Yesterday, Brad and I painted my collected shelves ALL AFTERNOON. We watched WALL-E and The Incredibles. In all, I would say it was a very great day. After we painted them, our best friends the Knights came over and we spent the night deciding where to hang all the shelves. It was def a group effort. I am way glad they came over, or might have made way to many holes in the wall trying and re-trying. Luckily, I am so happy with the first try! ( ok, we did have to move the mirror once. but that was it! ) I am way happy with how the colors turned out, and the way they all magically fit on ONE WALL. Cool cool.

We also listened to the boys play the guitars, played with baby Emmett- the cutest baby out there, ate delicious Oreo pie  and watched The Count of Monte Cirsto. Which is a really great movie, I would highly recommend it. SATURDAY SUCCESS. CHECK.

We painted all day!!
I took this picture this morning. Better lighting than 8:30 at night.

I gave him a kiss for being the best helper.

I have the greatest husband. He hammered nails into the wall till 9:00 at night. FOR ME!

ps. A special sorry to Megan and Trevor Carter, our lovely neighbors who never complain about us. And to the brothers downstairs, a smaller sorry because we don't really know you that well.


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  1. Love the shelves! And we didn't even hear you hammering nails!