Monday, March 14, 2011

do you still do that too?

there are many things i've learned from my mom. but there is one in particular, that if she didn't teach me, i don't think would have never figured out on my own: a clean microwave makes everyone happier, the kitchen look better, and all your food taste a whole lot better too. 

i have one more month living in my apartment. i'll be sad about a few things, like being in charge of everything, sleeping in this bed, my room, my amazing roommate, the way my brother freaks out every time i walk in the door at home... but lately, i've been so excited to get back to mapleton and springville. i miss riding my bike from one side of the city to the other, while hitting up a park every three blocks. i miss talking with my sister every night, i miss driving with the windows down and being rushed with memories of roads, trees, boys, friends, kisses, walks, funny stories, and everything else.

i went for a walk yesterday and there were these five boys playing catch in the parking lot, and the rule was if they dropped the ball, they had to drop their pants and then pass it to the next person. i'll just say it was pretty funny to watch.
mego is 19. megan turns 19 in 2 days. and i turn 19 in 18 days. it sounds like we need a magical pair of pants that fits us all, or something.

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  1. Pants are a fantastic idea. Lets go get some. Maybe spandex would fit us all...? Maybe... Or just magical magical jeans. Summer at home is going to be amazing. I'm glad we'll all be there together!