Wednesday, November 24, 2010

some blizzard. huh.

here's whats up. I totally have a job. in Orem, Part time, 7.50 paying job. ITS THE BEST NEWS EVER GUYS! I am so happy. eh true it is at a clothing store. not my first choice. but its a job. down east basics is where I am going to work, AND it means I can totally move out! I'M REALLY GOING TO MOVE. I didn't really think it was going to happen. but it is. its happening. believe it. I'm trying to. so my only problem is quitting my current job... how. do. you. quit. ?? but I have to do it. and it has to be tonight. crappy but true. so wish me luck.

ThanksGiving is tomorrow. I'm thankful for pie. Apple pie to be exact. 
speaking of thanksgiving. some of my friends are back, for this wonderful holiday. that makes me happy. we went and drank hot chocolate at village inn, cause they have the best hot chocolate. the only problem is, the food smells sooo good. its almost impossible not to buy it. 

I'm a lucky one. I get to see harry potter AGIAN tomorrow! Im thankful for harry potter and ron. and hermione.
the sky has  been so wonderful. as daniel would say, "i just want to kiss it."

so, yeah. 

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