Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yes I have a Sister

yes I have a sister.

                   no, we are not twins.
yes, we get that a lot.

"whoa! you two look totally alike!"

people thin we look and act Exactly alike. Personally,
I don't see it.

But I like the Idea.

.... Okay. Maybe we do. 
I think its pretty safe to say that she is My Life. She is the one person I care most about in my life. and the one person I actually care about what she thinks of me and my actions. to me, Everything about her is amazing. she is beautiful and lovely, and always right. Even when she is wrong, to me? she is right. always. I will take her side.

my point is, Amelia is my prize. Lets put it this way. if there was a fire and you had one thing to grab and get out pronto, she would be my one thing I would grab. (it used to be my stuffed bear...) sharing a room with someone for your whole life really means "here you go, now love this person or life is going to be real hard for you"
 I'm just lucky the one I have is such an easy sister to get along with.

very different. but totally the same.

best friends


for you,

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