Saturday, October 2, 2010

If I Wrote a Song.

Once and a while you see, or hear something that just hits you so hard, you never ever want to forget it. Everyone has it happen, you all know what I'm talking about. Wether it's a picture, a song, a quote. I would even go as far as someone's laugh, the light in their eye's you start to notice when they get really excited about something, a memory. When it happens to me, I always think to myself, " If I ever wrote a song, I would add that. " I tried once, writing songs are much, much harder than it seems. The biggest problem is getting is all to flow.
My hero of music, Regina Spektor. I am pretty sure I first heard her from Kate Clayson. Kate played the piano and sang a bunch of her songs for me once. Wonderful. Thanks to Kate, I found my biggest music obsession of all time. The things Regina Spektor writes, sings, and plays about are truly genius. Blue Lips, lost Wallets, Folding Chairs, Tangerines. She sings them with such simplicity, and passion.  She truly loves what  she sings about.

Every one can learn a little simplicity from Regina Spektor. 


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