Thursday, March 7, 2013

slow down

I have high hopes for march... I just need some good weather. 

This week I declared a double major! #soundsmart. I am a communications major, and I will have my bachelors finished by Fall of 2014. But I am also getting an Associates of Applied Science degree in Graphic Design. I haven't even started the program yet, but add 10 classes of art and graphic design, and I'll be finished with that one as well! I feel so good.  I never thought I would choose more school as opposed to finishing and neverlookingback, but this was an easy decision, which makes me even more confident. So add a year or so to my 2014 and I'll be finished and happy.

I am excited for a easy and smooth summer. I have 2 classes, Stress Management, and 2D Design. Both are one step closer to finishing! Although, that is not just my main goal any more. I am excited to start loving school. This semester has been a huge part in that. I have really tried to apply myself and put myself out there. It has made so much of a difference.

I am jobless. Ever since I was 16 I have held a job. I have never had this kind of a break. It is different and exciting, and nervous making all at the same time. I don't even know where to start to find a new job. I really want to find the right one, the job that I will love so much, I will look forward to it every morning. I need that. Every job I have had, I haven't LOVED. I have liked jobs, days, months, hours, but never loved it fully.

I am thinking of this new job as my last job before kids. I don't want to work and have kids, I want to be the momma at home with them. This last job will be the one to get me there. I hope.

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  1. Love this! I think you would be great at graphic design. You're really creative like that! I know you don't want to work when you have kids, but if you had too most people are able work from home!