Saturday, March 9, 2013


Homemade jam is THE ONLY WAY TO GO. Store bought jam? don't be silly. Cheaper this way too. just buy the strawberries, buy the powder to add in, make sure you have enough sugar, and TADA! Best jam in the world! I grew up with homemade jam. I'm glad I did too, I am positive it had a big contribution to my happy childhood.

Yesterday me and brad went to Amelias dance performance. Our little Sterling Scholar did quite amazing. She has another on April 25th and 26th..  I am mostly writing that to remind myself... see, my phone is dead right now. Long story... but I am using my little brothers old one, but I am lacking my calendar. hence me writing my April 25th and 26th commitment on my blog. If I write something down, no matter where, I can remember it much better.

Shout out to Mother-in-law-Tracy! She got her eyes lasered. Which could mean, lasers put into her eyes and now she is a super hero, OR that she just got her eye corrected..... Hmmmm.......... either way, feel better. <3

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