Thursday, March 28, 2013


So it is true. I have a blog evaluation for my Mass Comm class, and I am blogging today. That is a main reason why I am blogging, but also because I have been meaning to do it for like, 2 weeks now. I have been so busy though because.......... 

Tristar, this is Liza?

I am the new receptionist, and the first week was brutal. I didn't know if I was going to make it. But week two was better. I read 2 books in the last 3 days! I am impressed with myself. So the books I have read lately - I have read 3 really good ones, and I am in the middle of another one.  

The Night Circus 
Z for Zachariah

If I was going to describe myself in a book, it would be The Night Circus. It was mysterious and beautiful and magical. So magical.  Divergent and Invergent were kinda post apocalyptic/hunger games status. those are the 2 I read in 3 days. Each took less than 12 hours. I started Z for Zachariah- I borrowed it from motherinlaw Tracy like, months ago... Sorry Tracy. But I'm reading it now! and its good. 
I am so ready for spring. summer. ANYTHING WARMER THAN JANUARYFEBRUARYandMARCH.

Now, I am going to try this new thing called button swap. It might take a minute to set up.... but I am working on that this week. Button Swap is when I put other bloggers buttons on my blog, and the others bloggers hopefully put my button up on their blogs. Swap. get it? 


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