Thursday, June 2, 2011

pumpkin juice.

sorry for those of you (just people in general...) that i have been ignoring for the past week.

pms?  who knows. 

pirates of the caribbean? MMM SO GOOD. i loved it. no matter what anyone says.

things i've learned this week:
one: i'm really not that bad at card games. its mostly just luck i'd say.
two: i'm bad at keeping gardens as a pet.
three: i can't remember what else i learned.

breakups suck. but whats even worse, is a break up when your not even going out. thats like, a slap in the face while saying, sorry but i'm not calling you friend anymore. even worse than that is a slap in the face from two states away. the vulnerable mileage between you two isn't enough to keep you safe. not even when its just starting to get better. and even worse? ending with a text. not even worth a phone call. ever.

i'll sing this song for you now more than ever: bluebird by christina perri.

i blew up down east. shit.


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