Monday, May 16, 2011

harry potter four for phor 4!!!!!!

so here is a blog. and this is my harry potter summer. i read the books, watch the movies, play this freaking great hp game, and think about it constantly. happy potter.

my sister has this.... uh. friend-boy that she gets to text and talk about and hold hands with. LKZFVONVdnvoe alndvoel l l l d asdlfas; dkldsaf ;fgnkrgfdgdfgldgffiooearihy b903awelif nefw call me.

don't talk black to me. 

Pirates of the Caribbean is coming out on MIDNIGHT OF THE 20TH THIS MONTH. we we we so excited. we so excited.

sometimes i wish i could be a boy. cause boys get to go camping. and boys are fun to camp with. girls don't camp very much. or aren't allowed to or something. but i want to go to moab, WHO'S IN BOYS?! i have like, three days off in a row next week. perfect time for some fabulous adventuring.

 so i went to singles ward da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh. and while i was there, for every young single i ran into i quickly made up a patronus for them. i got pretty good. and i think i got most of the ward. maybe. also, they fed me bread. buuuut i still don't think i'll go back. i have a really great calling going on in my parents ward. plus, driving to provo is silly. you pass like, three breakfast places on the way. and the mall.

i own a garden! my very own garden! i bought flowers and planted them. and i water them everyday. i am really proud of it. if you want to see it, just call.

and also, Natalie is baack in the united states! we are totally going to party it uppp this weekend! we so excited about that one too.

he is in albania. training dragons or something.

high five for kisses. yeah!

over and out.

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  1. missssss elizaaaa pulllmaaannnnn!
    i am going to see the midnight showing of pirates!!! come with me you lame head that never picks up my texts!!!!!
    also i wish i had a singles ward to go to. beeee greatful ;)
    okay...............hogydi y ftulifddo;ltkudtsyrjjh i miss mapeltonlakrv aiojr;kavaeo;gikdrhgan h

    p.s. i need to know your work thing so i know when i should come down again. i want to stay like saturday and sunday this next time. probably not this weekend but next. so let me know.
    i love you!