Saturday, April 2, 2011

Its a BOY!!!!!!!!!!

worst birthday. APRIL FOOLS! it was seriously one of the best ever. so happy. like, i've had some pretty rockin' birthdays. this once......................... when i was little, i got a bike. a beautiful bike. oh, i was so excited. it was purple and teal, and it had streamers on the handles, beads on the spokes, and freaking cool training wheels. perrrfect bike guys. the best part was, waking up to it IN MY BEDROOM. i woke up to my litter sister sitting with my bike, and telling me happy birthday! it was so happy. later that day my dad brought me birthday balloons, like, tons of them. it was impressive for sure. we had a lot of fun with them, like we would tie them to those old green carton basket things that strawberries would come in, and put little things in them and float them around the house. along with things like spatulas and a hand lemon squeezer. so great, really. this other time.......................... in high school, my very best friends had every one of my teachers give me a different present, and they even got the hottest of the choir boys to sing to meee!!!!! yesssssss! and also.................... last year, i spent my birthday in india with some of the greatest people i will ever know. its prrrrretty cool, right?
this birthday is going in the list of awesome birthdays. it started at midnight with my roommate Marissa, we watched tangled, did some sweet P90X and drank tea. mmmmm so great. i woke up and it was sunny and amazing and megan brought me pie, i had lunch with my mom and dad (cute boys eat at cafe rio) annnnd trevor came from logan and spent the afternoon with me! we drew with chalk, played guitar at the park, sat on the swings, watched the sky, and rode bikes all over town!!!! that was all i wanted. to ride my bike. in the sun. and i got it. we also went to village inn and watched funny youtube videos. then i ate some pie and talked to gregory.

also, i have a few things figured out. the 31st was a good day for that. 19 is going to rock out, love.


ps. the tattoo? its fake. freaking sweet april fools joke. :)

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  1. Dang, you have some pretty awesome friends huh! ;)