Saturday, March 26, 2011

365 days later

You took my heart, 365 days later i feel the same way.

I lost my heart to India. The best 18 days ever. I went to India guys.

what have i done in that year? it seems so short. lets just say i wont be bragging about the year i was 18. i started it off with a bang with a wonderful Indian birthday, with 26 of the greatest people ever. plus some. 

pretty much.... well, if you would like to see more, really i can talk about it for hours. so call me up. ill chat to ya.
i'll be 19 soon. 18 was a bomb in the bad way. 19 will be a bomb in a good way. i'll have a few things decided on the 31st. so it's kinda like a goal. wish me luckk. i wish you some too.

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