Monday, November 15, 2010

That whole, "lets be friends" business doesn't last very long. ever. don't let it trick you.

I want to go back to Logan. I want to be there looking at the leaves, playing my guitar, and having wild dance parties, and hanging out with my best friend Trevor. Logan is so beautiful and everyone there is so nice. I can't believe the difference between USU and UVU. It amazes me really. like, at UVU no one cares, no one wants friends. Me? yeah. I like life. I want to talk. I want friends. but no one there is very accommodating thats for sure. I mean, I have made some friends, but the two friends I actually like- they went to high school with me. So some new people would be nice to. but, me and my two friends new friends from high school are taking Yoga next semester! I'm so excited. these girls are great.

I'm currently finding a new job. Status: employed but hating it. applied for 5+ jobs. waiting.

later gator.

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