Thursday, November 18, 2010

I love lasagna.


I love Sarah Kay Benson and I'm going to the Scarlet Pimpernel with her on saturday..... YEA!

nothing smells better than a freshly cut grapefruit---- that should be stitched on a pillow or something.

I have art again tomorrow. we are doing really cool pen and ink drawings with water color over the top, I love it. I am going to start doing them like religiously.  meaning all the time, like I should be doing with prayers or something.

Andy is still alive and well.

I am sending my best friend romantic postcards every other day, I'm sure it makes him laugh. He even might be reading this.... COOOL HUH. Gregory might to. neat!

I found a store in my school that sells cup-o-noodles. for 77cents. yeah. believe it. THATS NOT ALL! I can heat them up in the microwave that happens to be there for FREE. that is a 77 cent lunch. that makes me feel awesome.

I keep having dreams about my soulmate. her name is ChaiDee. (I know you think this might be a little backwards, but don't worry. Its under control)

I love lasagna.

I found this cute Winnie the pooh in German on the internet, and I love watching them. along with that 70 show. those make me laugh so hard.

I can't wait to talk to my sister. she happens to be sleeping right now, but in the morning! I can talk to her about her night. I like hearing what she has to say.


I am not seeing Harry Potter in less than 48 hours like everyone else. If you're (<-- is that even the right your? you're? i have no clue. I just take random stabs at those and hope they are right...) well. if your wondering, I'm very bitter. Im not really seeing it any more mostly cause Gregory had to go get a job. at the cinnamark, and now he is/will be working that night. and I have a feeling he will be working like every night now. thats fine though, I just hope he likes it. which I think he will.

I'm hoping that if I look at life like this, as in more happiness than un... happiness.... then I will realize that my life rocks. and I can live it.

where will I be on the 5th of April in 2011? cause its TOMS international day without shoes. I can tell you where I was on April 5th of 2010,  I was in india. India is a wonderful place. someday I will go back. for now, I will just wear no shoes.

HAPPY? I think so. 
oh and happy birthday alex, I wish you all the happiness in your personal life.

peace out fools.

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