Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy Hobbit.


I couldn't have ask for anything better. Hobbit exceeded all my expectations AND MORE. I didn't know that dwarfs could be so handsome! I found a new respect for them. MM.

In other great news, we have been married for 6 months and 1 day now!!!!! What!!? That went fast. The good news is, is that we are super happy and still sleeping in the same bed. Which I will take for a good sign... TO INFINITY AND FOREVER. Also, Netflix added Disney movies. Good decision guys. 

I am loving this Christmas, We got a REAL LIVE CHRISTMAS TREE FOR OUR LIVING ROOM. It is merry and bright I'd say...  we have had it for a few weeks now and it is still not dead. FIRST TRY.

I  am a bit disappointed that the whole tree didn't fit in there.... but it works. you get the middle best part. 
 I made this. 2012

Yes yes, there is the way cute little deer in my tree. I am so happy for it.

Still waiting for my Stats grade. Pray that I passed or I might have a mental, Emotional, and very Physical break down. ljgytfuyfhhiohlknmlkp........................... This did not post the first time. out.

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