Monday, November 7, 2011

best rescue of the year award.

If you call me to come pick you up from the ER, just know I am prone to fainting once I get there. There doesn't even need to be any needles, blood, dead things, or oozing. I will most likely faint... twice. If you call me for rescue, also call for a back up rescue. It will make a great story though. So if your ER visit isn't as entertaining as you expected it to be, just give me a call, I'll do some fainting and stuff, and everyone will have a great story to tell later on.
The two things I thought about most while I was laying on the bed in the ER was the tv show Scrubs, and the Zombie apocalypse. 

This is called a Fainting Goat.
Click here to watch a quick documentary
about Fainting Goats. 

I'm dating Employee of the Month
I ripped my favorite pants.
I'm going back to school next semester. 
I have pretty great curtains. 
I'm so excited for Christmas time. 
^but first, Turkey. 
Dreams about teeth are the worst kind. 

I have a headache, and a conspiracy blog to write. 

liza out. 

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  1. You are the third person this week who has complained about teeth dreams. WHAT is going on?