Thursday, June 30, 2011

15 days and counting.

you know its a good day when you find not one, not two, but four shirts and a pair of shoes that you still currently own at the DI.

so i've started to hang out with this group of boys i live by. most of the time its me and like at least five guys. thats fine with me. the best part though, is that they keep inviting me over! its been over two weeks now! i think its safe to say we are friends. so here are some things i've learned with my new friends.

uno- volleyball isn't as bad as i thought. there is always someone who is just as bad as you. plus girls get two tries if you want it.
dos- boating is really fun. guess who got up on the wakeboard the first time? this girl! guess who got up four more times after that? this girl again!! (the people watching may or may not agree, but give me a little slack. i did great.)
tres- scary movies are not even that bad. not saying that i don't get scared, cause i totally do. but its kinda fun. and zombies are way cool.
four- spanish is confusing, trying to teach me any spanish is a lost cause. i just act like i know what you are saying when really i just have no idea at all.
cinco- electric guitars + amp = pretty great fun.
seis- rubics cubes are hard.
siete- south park is funny. crude, but funny.

good thing we talked to that homeless guy today, or i wouldn't have figured out my mom's birthday is tomorrow.

now i get to go repelling!!!

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