Tuesday, May 3, 2011

cup.board. ?

thats how you really spell cupboard.

so the rumors are true, I'M PREGNANT.


hold on, wrong rumor   scratch that. [i'm pregnant] .... but the other one is that i moved back to mapleton, and that one is for sure true. don't ask about that first one..........................

so yeah, i moved myself out, moved myself in. done and done. i guess. i live in mapleton and stuff. i'm happy?

monday though, was great. i got up, did my sisters hair, and laid in bed for a while longer. then i cleaned and moved in all the way. its cute and stuff. then i went on a nice long fabulous bike ride! CAUSE THE WEATHER WAS JUST SO FREAKING NICE! it makes me so happy. it was for sure was picnic weather. it would have been a perfect picnic. so, after my imaginary picnic, i took a nap, read my book -harry potter. then mowed the lawn with max, annnnnnd [drum roll!!!!!!] i bought EIGHT books for SEVEN dollars! TADA! high-light of my day. i have 4 out of the 7 harry potter books, hard cover, and i only need 3 more to complete the set. exciting, no?
so in all, it was a very successful day.

day one? check.

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  1. Eliza, can we have a picnic? And also, can we go bike riding together? Thanks.