Thursday, April 21, 2011

if you love me baby, smile.

nerdnerdnerdnerdnerdnerd..... ready for this? starting april 28th i'm going to re-read all the harry potter books (cause april 28th is when my summer begins, suckers! unless you have an early summer too.. then you aren't a sucker.) annnnyways. i will finish by the end of the summer, with time to spare. i still count guys in glasses when i pass them at school. today the count was 17. but i still have about 2 more hours... so.... k. today i fell walking up the stairs. like, it wasn't just a trip. it was a fall. (probably more of a trip, but i like to exaggerate.) so, i fell.

by the way, ONE final down. ONE more at six tonight. THEN ONLY TWO MORE. then i'm all done. ALL DONE PEOPLE. i just can't wait. also, when i grow up i was going to be a teacher. buuut. i hate school. so why did i think i could go back and actually teach it? that usually means and hour earlier AND a hour later than everyone else! i don't think i will do that. so instead i am getting a bachelors in communications, emphasis in speech communication. i feel a lot better about that than teaching. so i start that great adventure in the fall.

i'm moving home in 6 FREAKING DAYS. i don't know how to feel about that. the guy sitting across from me in the library keeps laughing and talking to himself. i'm pretty sure he is casting spells. they are probably really funny ones too. you know whats funny? pressing the "spell check" button and seeing all my wrongly spelled words light up in yellow. DING. (it doesn't like it when i use ALL CAPS EITHER.) i really want to go camping.

glasses count: 19. WAIT. k. 20.

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  1. I LOVE this post! Boys in glasses. I love. You rocking your finals. I love. You moving home. I love. You tripping on the stairs. Not love. You are not hurt, but funny and cute. I love. Communications? I love. You. I love.