Thursday, October 21, 2010

12:34. Make a Wish.

It was 12:34. And I was basically just wondering through my day, when finally it hit me ( at 1-2-3-4. did you notice that?? To me, its a perfect time for a wish, if you do that kind of thing. .) well it hit me that today, is in fact, Thursday. Yes folks, Thursday. Do you know what that means?? Tomorrow will land on Friday. Yes yes yes, Friday. I have no idea where the week went. At all. I really think I lost it. One day I am waking up getting ready for Monday to happen, and the next second its Thursday that is happening. Not only happening, but half way done with happening! It is the most beautiful time of the year. Fall. In lovely Mapleton. On a Thursday. And it makes me so happy! Except one thing. I feel like I am at a pause. Paused in the middle of a dead end song. I'll have to admit. I hate trying at school. I hate going in general. and homework? yeah right. I hate my job. but it brings in money, and money brings potential. I just want to be satisfied with my life. Happy with what I am doing. At least half way satisfied. at least. I was so excited for everything new in my life. and old. and almost new and some-what old. and I was SO excited for school. Being a college kid. doing college girl things. loving it and being better than everyone else. Sounds like the life, yes? Yes. but not. But it should be! So HOW. HOWW. HOW CAN I DO THIS. AND DO IT THE RIGHT COLLEGE GIRL WAY? I need to know. stop keeping the secret from me. This is starting to get very, VERY important. So go ahead, any day now. just let me know what I am doing wrong. and tell me how to fix it. Thanks. 

Now thats out of the way. I went to a haunted house the other night. With Tyler. and some people. I WAS SUCH A BABY. wow. how embarrassing. I really don't know what happened really. I was just so scared. WHY. They cant even freaking touch me. I stopped remembering to breath and walk all at the same time, but of course I tried to act as normal as possible. It was all I could do too keep myself from grabbing his arm ( well. it was already in a death grab. ) but it was all i could do from not breaking down and running head first out of there. Well. yeah, I was really to scared to let go of his arm and run away alone...  So I didn't. I just closed my eyes and stumbled through till the end. (WHICH BY THE WAY IT NEVER FREAKING ENDED. well eventually it did. but it took FREAKING FOREVER.) 
Now when I think about it, WHY was I scared?? Fine. okay. I'm a baby. 

There are five different blogs I read of five different girls. 
They make my life so much better lately. And they don't even know it. I really laugh till I cry I love every single minute of reading what they read. I look at each of their blogs every single day. just waiting for something new to make me laugh. Keep going please. hey thanks. 

I'm moving out. after December. Yep. Me. Moving out of my basement. YEAHWHOOYEAHA! *loudly*

Im reading MockingJay. I love to read. 
I love to sleep to. 
So I'm off to do some homework. 
So I can sleep. 

goodnight world. 


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